Service Objective


    Weima group will keep promise to all the customers no matter at the time of purchasing goods or delivering, using process:


quality guarantee: producing standard, guaranteeing the product quality


     Weima group products all conform to the standard and test strictly by advanced inspecting instrument and equipment in order to guarantee the products quality. 

     Weima group organize products manufacturing according to the standard and specification listed on the contact and the two parties signed technological agreement, in order to guarantee 100% products are qualified and confirm to the customer’s requirement.


service pledges:one-on-one full service, technology tracking


      We will provide service and reply within 24 hours when receiving any quality complaints or service requirements. Our engineer will come to the job site inside China Mainland within 48 hours.


impeccable technological service network and support


     In order to provide in time service to vast customers, Weima group established after-sale service and technological center, the staff of this center all practiced fro a long time from production,inspection and well on line, and all the practice technicist possess strong capability of handling site accidents.

     Weima group has service site in ZHONGYUAN oilfield location (Puyang),Korla Xinjiang, Uxin Inner Mongolia, to guarantee providing in time and express technological service.

     As the most important part of products sale service, the customer feedback must reverse to Weima within one month after delivering. Making assessment and solving methods to the suggestion and advise of every batch of goods and every customer at first time, and save the records for 5 years, and accordingly promote the technology and the products quality.

     Visit customers at regular intervals, communicate promptly with customer, grasp the situation of customer product using at current time and provide technical support to customers.