Developing and Producing

Developing Strength

    In order to maintain the unique technological and production advantage in market and production competition, Weima group has been sticking to production design with high position,high scientific and technological contents,excellent technological equipment and advanced technological crafts and other standards.

     In 2007, Weima group established technological research center, cooperating comprehensively with China University of Petroleum, Xi’an Pipe Research Center and Shengli Oil Field Well Drilling Research Institute and many other specialist institute,and developed many land,offshore and non-standard drill pipe, thus Weima group have lengthened the production chain, promoted the production quality, solved many oil field problems and reduced the oilfield costing. Weima group gained many state awarded patent certificate by the unremitting endeavor of research staff.

     Weima group have developed and trial-manufactured WMDS double shoulder drill pipe tool joint and WMT high-torque drill pipe tool joint adapted to different oilfield environment requirement, and acquired more than ten patent awards in the related field.

     WMSD and WMT tool joint all adopt double shoulder structure which solve effectually the risk of box tool joint expand during the using of API standard tool joint, and improve the tool joint torsional property from varying degree. At the premise of same material and internal diameter, the WMDS tool joint torsional strength is higher then API standard tool joint by 20% to 50%;WMT tool joint increased the torsional strength by more than 65% then API tool joint.WMT tool joint special connection design improved the the connection stress distribution, which enable the WMT tool joint connection has longer fatigue life, and lengthened the drill pipe tool joint attended time.